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  • Luxury and Premium Events for the Elite and the Most Demanding,
  • Exclusive and mysterious Birthday parties,
  • Unique Wine Degustation gatherings at the most uncommon and peculiar sites,
  • We work with Clubs, Hotels, Restaurants, Art Galleries , Top Companies and with You.


Are you looking for something Special and Unique? A mixture of colorful feelings surrounded by the people you care the most? Want to do a surprise to someone close to you?

Tired of crowded boring clubs, with the same music, same concept and overated expensive drinks?

You are special, let me make you feel that way!


Wine is Love. I have selected for you the highest quality grapes from the sunny Douro Vale, located in the north of Portugal.

When  you open the gorgeous bottle, fill your glass and the one of your partner you will be transported to a world where the sunrise and sunset happen at the same time, where the time stops and where you, the wine and your heart are in perfect harmony. Every sip opens a new emotions and unlocks new dreams…


Bowling? Paintball? Open Bar? No, not again. Corporate events for a big number of people?
Having a team flying in to Poland? Need a unique idea for a great evening? Let me take care of them.
Are you looking for a place to have that crucial business meeting? To impress your business partner?

I have a few ideas.  I have selected a few very special products that will impress your colleagues, employees and business partners.


Wine degustation events are the perfect occasion to gather and enjoy life.

Would you like to host wine tasting events at your hotel, restaurant or gallery? And boost your business, show your skills, impress the guests with your products?

Are you looking for that Wednesday afternoon meeting with your friend? Why not having a wine degustation event at a famous art gallery? Garden? Moving tram? And enjoy that evening, gossip, laugh, drink while you appreciate what Warsaw has the best to offer?


Everybody loves Birthday Parties. Everybody loves to be invited for Birthday Parties. Let me invite you and your friends to YOUR birthday Party!

The people you love, amazing food, top Wine, unique decoration and style, flowers and different themes to chose from! Also, imagine you can choose any place in Warsaw to organize your birthday…
Out of ideas? No time? I will take care of everything for you. You just need to show up at your party and be the King/Queen of the night. Everything will be ready for you! The day that you were born will never be the same. Collect memories, reveal your desires.

Nuno Lorêto

Nuno Lorêto

CEO, Host

I have been always passioned about fun and parties. Since I moved to Cosmopolitan and seen this beautiful hall – the only word in my mind was “PARTY”! So I organized 5 parties during my first 4 months of leaving here. One evening I tasted a great wine and thought about the plans for the future. Working as a finance manager for more than 9 years in the Top Companies of the world, I understood this drained and withered world of Business needs Colorful Emotions, needs luxury parties, needs a sip of Great Wine that unlocks everyone. That’s how the idea of Nuno’s was born.

Sofi Fert

Sofi Fert

Brand Manager

I create visions. And that’s what a real brand is about. When I met Nuno, I certainly understood that his talent is to provide cool parties and make people fun, considering subconscious desires and human mind psychology. So we built the vision of our company Nuno’s Parties&Wine with own manufacture in hot Portugal. That was something that made our blood boiling. Since that time I help Nuno to scale the number of clients taking fun and pleasure.

Arkadi Podlisker

Arkadi Podlisker


In my life, I invest in different businesses, where money makes money. But this is a kind of business for the soul, that produces also a huge pleasure of communication with business circle in our events. I invest not only in great ideas but also in people behind them. I believe in working hard, that’s why I appreciate relaxation in style as a means of power refresh. Being a demanding person, I couldn’t find a place in Warsaw that could meet my expectations. So that’s how we started providing events of a high standard for the business class.

Happy Clients


It was the most exciting party in my life! We hung out till the early morning and everyone had so much fun! Thank you for making my birthday so unforgettable. I’ve absolutely loved it! Very professional.

- Katarzyna Hasan

We are waiting for You!

We always plan our work or business. But Fun&Relaxation is something that should be planned as well. With Nuno’s team your party will be covered on the highest level!


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